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Tue, 30 December 2003

This year we had a relaxing Christmas at home in Chicago. Christmas Eve we spent with friends drinking, and whooping it up. At one point we were playing ‘Fact or Crap’ followed by Trivial Pursuit DVD Edition. Christmas morning we spent at home just the four of us. It was so exciting to see Mason come down the stairs in his own house to see that Santa left him a tricycle and helmet. He loved it. This is also the year of the Little People. Our entire playroom is overrun with the cute little plastic figures and associated playsets. After Christmas we managed to get the house back in order in anticipation of Anna’s baptism that’s only a week away. Now we’re looking forward to some New Year’s frivolity. Bring on 2004!

Two little elves.

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Rocket Man

Fri, 12 December 2003

I had no idea how William Shatner became the spokesperson for Priceline until I saw this 1978 Rendition of Rocketman in spoken word. WOW!

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Happy Birthday Tricia

Mon, 08 December 2003

It’s the big 2-9. We went to the Melting Pot on Saturday for an awesome fondue-fest. I had no idea that I could actually spend 3 hours eating dinner. Every bite was yummy, the atmosphere – romantic, and all without the kids for the first time since Anna was born. Tonight we’re doing presents and ice cream cake to top off the birthday extravaganza festival weekend as Tricia reminds me it should be. Happy Birthday!

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Web Blog Pink Slip

Thu, 20 November 2003

The stories of bloggers getting fired because of their blogs are always entertaining. This firing of a Microsoft employee shows just how serious it is to take pictures of Mac G5’s on campus.

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Social Softy

Thu, 20 November 2003

I’ve been researching Social Software for a few weeks now, first hearing about it via an invite to Friendster. I’m intrigued because the whole “revolution” is based on a concept that flamed out personally for me 3 years ago. At the height of the dotcom boom I was the lead UI designer for an internet startup named “Who2Trust”. Our model was to build a directory of recommended service businesses (doctors, dentists, financial planners) through people you trust. We had the whole 6 degree of separation thing. We wanted to make money from businesses buying profiles, just like they buy Yellow Page ads. Our competitors included iThought.com, Servicelane.com, and others. We failed for a variety of reasons, not the least of which was motivating people to make connections and recommend businesses for the shear joy of it. Anyways, it’s very interesting to read a designer’s view of his own little startup from 1999 called epinions.com. In Peter Merholz’s view epinions is the Social Software website that’s got it all.

I wrote a few epinions and certainly got into the pay per review earnings model. It was cool to see how many people read and liked my reviews. And there certainly was some competition to get more friends into my web of trust and keep doing better and better reviews to make more money. The thing is that the affinity is very loose. I knew none of the people in my web personally, and I don’t feel bad for having left the site unused for 3 years. My point is that I don’t put too much stock in Social Networking as a primary means of maintaining relationships unless I’m getting relevant information. I think that the social networking caused by interlinked blogs has some potential to get me there. Is there a way to have an RSS feed with 6 degrees of separation from the friends list in my blog?

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Design Views

Fri, 07 November 2003

Thanks to Mark for pointing me towards this website put together by Jessica Helfand, William Drenttel and others. Dana, my roommate during my NY Internship, worked for their studio. I hereby pledge to read more design writings, and I’m now seeing why Walt is so in love with RSS Readers.

I should also be reading this design blog more frequently.

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Long in the tooth

Fri, 07 November 2003

Gawd does my site need a redesign. I’m sick of it. It’s like a pair of fahionable shoes that I’ve worn well past their expiration date. What with my smattering of home made Christmas gifts in process, my ongoing contributions to religious society, and the raising of 2 babies, this site is doomed to come back into style like a good Salvation Army find.

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Public Display of Affection

Tue, 28 October 2003

Dear Tricia,
You are the goddess of the childrearing world. Your tireless energy and devotion to the needs of me and my two never-resting children is the stuff of Oprah Winfrey couch talks. You are the smartest, funniest, hottest, bestest wife a boy could ever have.

Humbly yours,

This after I spent 15 hours on Saturday with the 2 kids learning what it’s like to football-hold the little one while making lunch for the other. My muscles hurt, my head hurts, and my patience is shot. Guess what? Tricia has been doing this gig for the last 2 months. She must be so ready to go back to work.

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Mon, 20 October 2003

Ahh the blissful ease of use of iTunes. It has graced the desktop of my Windows XP machine at home. Once installed, I simply turned on sharing on my OSX box, then bing! up popped my entire library of songs that are on my Mac, available for playback on my PC. I’m SO HAPPY! Let’s forget the negative press from the Windows community. Apple has made networking and ease of use a reality in my household. Sometime maybe I’ll bite off poking a hole into my firewall so I can listen to my MacTunes at work.

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Wedding Pics

Fri, 17 October 2003

A few images from my sister’s wedding.

This is as close as we get to a family picture.

Patience in the form of a yellow sucker.

These Pollacks like to pawtay!!

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