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iPod Talent

Thu, 01 December 2005

I have a lot of respect for Dave Lefkow. We worked together at TMP, and we both made the jump to another company at about the same time. I went to Hudson Highland Group – a staffing firm to work on recruitment marketing for one company. He went to Jobster to work on building a whole new type of recruitment marketing for many companies. He also writes articles for the ERE. I like his latest piece; a well-researched article on the talent behind the iPod.

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Dana Googlewicz

Wed, 19 October 2005

Hey you know what, blogging is fun. I haven’t done this since May. I always suffer from a “who the hell reads this”, “I’m bored, but I’d rather read Yahoo news than blog”, “What’s the point?” mentality. And I suppose so many people out there go through the same thing. By and large it IS pointless. Especially for a married man that now works from home, puts in his time, and enjoys poking around with his kids for 90% of his daily entertainment. What do I have to say? My brain is burnt on work. For someone who never so much as wrote in a journal for more than 3 straight days in his life. For someone who latches on to VERY random interests at any given point, my blog is pointless. One day I’m interested in the Buffalo Bills, the next – in bowhunting. But, come to find out, there is some intrinsic value to this babbling.

My friend that I haven’t talked to in a while was able to find out what’s up, just by Googling me.

Dana Deskiewicz is doing really well in his budding Creative Director career and took the time to give me a shout out, cause of one little blog post of only 6 that I have accomplished this year. Well done man!

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Career Move

Tue, 08 March 2005

Last week I did one of the craziest things I’ve ever done in my career. I asked my boss if he would allow me to do my job from “elsewhere”. Not another office within the company – but from home, in another state, closer to my family, but further away from any office within the company. What I thought could be a resounding no, turned into a huge surprise. They are going to let me do it! I’m going to move to Rochester, NY to work at the same job that I love, in a town where my parents, my in-laws, and 3 of my grandparents are all within 2 hours of one another.

I really don’t need to be right next to my co-workers to be able to do my job as Interactive Marketing Manager. I work with people from London and Chicago, Tampa and Edmonton. We are a distributed team that works mostly from instant messager and email. I’ll still return to the Chicago area quite frequently, which will help soften the blow of leaving all of our close friends.

Wow, we have lots to do now!

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Uncle Milty

Thu, 10 February 2005

I’ve always wanted to relate to people what it meant to be a designer from a State school to be chosen as an intern for Milton Glaser in NYC in 1997. It was a great honor, and one of the most interesting experiences I’ve had in my life to date. He is an amazing artist who holds the principles of design so much higher than anyone that I have ever met in my life. His studio was always so “un-web” though, so there was never a way for me to show others what it was like by linking there. Well, he has finally brought his studio onto the web, and now there is a short film by Hillman Curtis that gives a look inside his studio. Finally…. I can say I was there, and you might understand now what I’m talking about. Thanks to Zeldman for pointing out the new work.

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Tue, 25 January 2005

In response to the $37k paid by snorestop in an ebay auction to advertise on some dude’s forehead, check out these idiots that have jumped on the bandwagon.

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