Go Daddy Go

Tue, 17 August 2004

After putting the Honda to sleep, I’m sure everyone is wondering how Tricia and I are getting about town. Well let me show you…

A Midnight Blue 2002 Chrysler Sebring Convertible. And, as you can see, the first thing I put into it was my 2 babies – car seats and all. I can hardly contain the excitement of driving a convertible. When people around Chicago see this freak in 20 degree weather driving with the top down, you’ll know it’s me. Yes, this is our second car, and yes it will spend most of its life sitting at the train station. I just couldn’t get myself to buy some ghetto Neon, or Civic coupe, when what I really wanted was something fun that I could haul the kids around in. This past weekend I needed an excuse to drive it around, so we went up to Jellystone (the campground with Yogi) . We packed all the gear in the trunk and drove 2 hours to Milwaukee. No Problemo.

Of course the only problem is that the first time we showed it to our friends with a 12 year old daughter she says “Wow you bought a Daddy Car!” That wasn’t exactly the reaction I was going for, but apparently the shoe fits. See you on the open road.

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Mon, 21 June 2004

Father’s Day was excellent this year. Mason and Anna, with a little help from Tricia gave me a bicycle trailer. So Saturday we had a great ride along Lake Michigan from Navy Pier, up to North Avenue Beach for some sand throwing and chewing ( a favorite 2 year old activity), then to the Lincoln Park Zoo for some animal watching, then back to Navy Pier for some fireworks. It was an incredible display. They must spend some serious money to put that on twice a week.

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Countdown to Baby

Thu, 14 August 2003

Wow, I can’t bvelieve it’s been almost a month since my last post. It’s pretty much a result of 3 things. 1.) Being Mr. Mom as I actually pitch in around the house and allow Tricia her much needed bedrest. Baby Zip II is only a couple of weeks away now. We’re excited and anxious for all the changes that are sure to come our way. 2.) Work was hell for a few weeks. Covering for a co-worker on maternity leave, doing my job (and improving upon it), and a ton of clients needing stuff all at once. 3.) My life just isn’t that interesting right now. Besides completely re-installing my Mac for the second time in as many months, and painting our bedroom, I am really not that interesting.

So there. See you in another month. Not likely. We’ll have a baby by then, and other assorted fun to report.

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Suck Week 2003

Tue, 01 July 2003

It all started when we went to mid-Ohio last weekend and I picked up a souvenir headcold from my Dad that just won’t seem to go away. On the way back to Illinois I was slapped with a $108 speeding ticket – 74 in a 55. Then when we got home, I turned on the computers that we had specifically turned off so they would be “safe”, and found that neither my Mac or my PC could find their operating system. Strange. I wiggled a few wires and waved the magic wand on both, and they started to work. Unfortunaely neither of the 80 Gig data drives were working. After I gave up on trying to recover Gigabytes upon Gigabytes of downloaded music, and 3 years worth of digital photos, I decided to try and format the drives. Neither will even format!

Then on Thursday I topped off all of this good fortune by sideswiping a 1996 Chevy Lumina in the parking lot at the train station with my Dodge Durango. $1300 worth of damage just to my vehicle. Now that I’ve gotten all of this out in the open, I think I can move on, and start to have a much better week. Yippee!

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Father’s Day at the Sox

Mon, 16 June 2003

So we went to the White Sox game yesterday for Father’s Day. It was a 1-0 loss to the Padres, but who cares about the Sox anyways.

There was a petting zoo outside. So Mason got to pet his first goat.

And what baseball game doesn’t have pony rides outside too? So Mason got to ride his first pony.

Oh yeah, and we watched a little baseball.

Yes, Mommy was there too. Thanks guys it was fun. Being a Dad is pretty cool!

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Good Cookin’

Wed, 14 May 2003

What a treat last night. We left Mason at home (with some helpful neighbors), and I took Tricia out to her post-Mother’s Day present. We went to Culinary Classes at the Rosebud. Rosebud is by far our favorite Italian Restaurant(s) in Chicago. They open up their corporate kitchen and have their top chefs teach people how to cook their signature dishes. We watched them cook, then we ate the results. Oh my Gosh. I’ve never eaten so much in my life. We learned to make coconut shrimp, Louisiana chicken gumbo, crab cakes, steak au poivre with french fires and sesame Chinese green beans, and apple crisp. For $75 a person I’d recommend coming to Chicago for a cooking class and skipping the restaurant altogether. It’s just as much fun, you learn something, and you go home with t-shirts and other crap. Yummmmm…..

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Sis Visit

Mon, 24 March 2003

My sis, Lindsey and her fiance Mike came into town for a quick Spring Break jaunt. There was plenty of eating, including Rosebud on Rush, Gino’s East, Jimmy’s Grill, and Steak and Shake yummm. Thanks for coming, we had fun!

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Total Body Breakdown

Fri, 27 September 2002

What the hell happened to me this morning? I’m on a workout kick. I get up with my friend, and the best youth minister in the world, Jim, every Monday, Wednesady and Friday at 5am to workout. That requires me to get up at 4:30am. We did our Friday “Max-outs” – where we test our progress by doing the most we can do on a bunch of exercises. Well I was pretty thirsty, and brilliant me doesn’t have a water bottle. Long story short, after the workout was over, I nearly passed out in my car. I gutted it out and made it home. Where I literally crashed. Shaking, out of breath, nauseous, I couldn’t even unlock the door to go inside. I had to ring the doorbell. My wonderful wifey took care of me while I couldn’t even tell her that no, I wasn’t having a heart attack, I just worked out too hard without water. I drank six full glasses in 10 minutes. I felt worse than a drunk with the room spinning. I’m better now, but I think I learned a little about my body today, and I think I’m going to go water bottle shopping.

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Capture My Flag

Mon, 23 September 2002

The Bills flag has returned, but the heister is still unknown. Mysteriously it showed up on my neighbor’s flag pole across the street on Saturday morning. I went out to confront him, and he said he didn’t do it. Someone else in our ‘hood framed him. I think I know who. Better watch out. Revenge is sweet – but unfortunately, not sanctioned by the Catholic church (see below).

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Sun, 17 February 2002

Tricia and I ventured out to the 2002 Chicago Autoshow yesterday. Whereas last year, finding the CTA bus back to Union Station (no signs anywhere!) and sprinting after the friendly bus driver were our greatest adventures, this year involved taking our brand new son Mason on the trip. The competent McCormick place staff directed us to 3 different floors for entry into the show. And thinking we were smarter than 1 million other Chicagoans we bought our tickets on the Internet so we could go to the special “Fast Line”. You know, the one that ended up having 1 million other Chicagoans in it.

OK, about the cars…You can tell the economy has been horrible by how few concept cars there were. The 2002 Concepts didn’t seem to have nearly the imagination as last year’s either. I really think the car companies are all played out on the cross-over SUV and were just out of ideas for this year. My favorite trend however is the retro-new vehicles. My favorite is the Chevy SSR. This thing is part truck, part convertible, part hot-rod. It is bad ass! I like that the car companies are digging into the past – a time when people didn’t have to please all the demographics to get a car produced. Funny that I found a classic 1950’s Chrysler 300 to be best in show.

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