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Bills Lose Heartbreaker on MNF

Tue, 09 October 2007

I haven’t been as emotionally involved in a football game since the Music City Miracle. Last night’s Monday Night Football game between the Buffalo Bills and the Dallas Cowboys had all of the trappings of a classic Western New York sports moment.

Somehow our defense, who has more starters on injured reserve than not, managed to snatch 5, yes f-i-v-e interceptions from the NFL’s new golden boy, Tony Romo. We scored a kick-off return for a touchdown. Every time the Cowboys punched, we punched back. Yet, I’m sitting there watching with 22 seconds left in the game and a 24-16 lead, and I just know that something is going to happen. C’mon it’s the Bills. We have Scott Norwood’s karma. tick-tick-tick As Tony Romo gets a touchdown pass, then misses the 2 point conversion to T.O…tick-tick-tick as a miracle onside kick is executed…tick-tick 2 seconds left…Jauron tries to ice the kicker on a last second timeouttick-tick-tick…the kicker makes his second attempt from 53 yards away…GAME OVER…the Bills managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory yet again.

I guarantee this one is going to be talked about for the rest of this season. Have fun comparing 2 of the darker days for a Bills fan.

Monday Night Football October 8, 2007

Music City Miracle

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My Bills Obsession

Fri, 18 October 2002

My obsession with the Bills grows deeper week-by-week. My NFL Ticket is getting a major work out, and this weekend is no different – it’s the Dolphins. Squish the Fish, F the Fins…whatever. I’ve come to realize that when the Bills are playing well and they have enjoyable players to watch, I’m like a housewife addicted to General Hospital. Luckily, Tricia is into the Bills too, so my obsession doesn’t have to be a closet one. Since Buffalobills.com decided to be so gracious as to post all the Bills Backers Bars in local areas across the country, I’m pretty sure my next destination has to be Lincoln Station. Hey Trish, wanna go?

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Capture My Flag

Mon, 23 September 2002

The Bills flag has returned, but the heister is still unknown. Mysteriously it showed up on my neighbor’s flag pole across the street on Saturday morning. I went out to confront him, and he said he didn’t do it. Someone else in our ‘hood framed him. I think I know who. Better watch out. Revenge is sweet – but unfortunately, not sanctioned by the Catholic church (see below).

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Drew Drew Drew

Mon, 16 September 2002

Just 2 games into the Buffalo Bills young 2002 campaign and already I’m in love with Drew Bledsoe as the next coming of Jim Kelly. As a result of their 45-39 overtime victory over the Vikings, I’m officially going to be the 1,000,000th Bills fan to declare that “We’re going to the Bowl!”. Ridiculous? Yes. Uncommon? No. And far more benign than one of the idiot Bears fans in my neighborhood that took down my beautiful Bills Flag and put up a tattered pillowcase with “BEARS 2-0!” on it. Amateurs.

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