1:40am Sniff Sniff

Mon, 28 October 2002, 1:25 am

Here it is…my Mason-got-me-sick-again blog. What do you know, the zipper has caught his son’s cold again. Straight out of the petri dish called day care. If I didn’t know any better I’d think it’s me who taste tests another kid’s face who has snots running from his nose clear into his mouth. It’s me who picks up 3 day old cheese from my high chair, rubs it around in my apple juice, and jams it into my mouth…with fingers that were last checking the side of the toilet bowl to see how smooth and silky it is.

My wife never gets sick. Maybe that’s because she doesn’t have time to. What a load of crap. I was just thinking to myself the other day. “Gee, zip you’ve really got some “extra” time on your hands. What you really should do is go get sick.” Tricia has definitely developed an immune system of steel. Come to think of it, my Mom wasn’t sick very often either. I’ve done an exhaustive Internet search to find out why, but I have come up empty. Either my searching skills suck or my browser has a headcold too.

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