Go Daddy Go

Tue, 17 August 2004, 8:40 am

After putting the Honda to sleep, I’m sure everyone is wondering how Tricia and I are getting about town. Well let me show you…

A Midnight Blue 2002 Chrysler Sebring Convertible. And, as you can see, the first thing I put into it was my 2 babies – car seats and all. I can hardly contain the excitement of driving a convertible. When people around Chicago see this freak in 20 degree weather driving with the top down, you’ll know it’s me. Yes, this is our second car, and yes it will spend most of its life sitting at the train station. I just couldn’t get myself to buy some ghetto Neon, or Civic coupe, when what I really wanted was something fun that I could haul the kids around in. This past weekend I needed an excuse to drive it around, so we went up to Jellystone (the campground with Yogi) . We packed all the gear in the trunk and drove 2 hours to Milwaukee. No Problemo.

Of course the only problem is that the first time we showed it to our friends with a 12 year old daughter she says “Wow you bought a Daddy Car!” That wasn’t exactly the reaction I was going for, but apparently the shoe fits. See you on the open road.

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