JoAnna Sero, Kindergarten Blog Queen

Thu, 31 January 2008, 10:34 pm

2 days into Mason’s first year of school, there was no doubt in my mind that he had a very special teacher. Now he’s 90 days into his rookie year, and I’m convinced that Mrs. Sero is a star. She has got kindergarten down to a science. Her lessons are meticulously organized, her psychological abilities to keep the kids behaved are nothing short of supernatural. I’ve seen it. A soft-spoken “children let’s put our listening ears on” and the entire bunch quiets to listen in eager anticipation of whatever she’s about to say next.

Perhaps the most impressive part of Mrs. Sero’s Kindergarten is her complete and total grasp of the web. The class website she maintains, is always up to date with the latest happenings. Not only is the dry curriculum stuff up there, but she uploads photos of the kids’ activities and videos of their performances. She demonstrates a love for our children and their activities that we as parents can barely give. I can’t imagine that the communication from teacher to parent is better in any other class in America.

Now, JoAnna has entered the world of blogging. How she has the time, I’ll never know. The content is even more fun and free form than the website. I’ve added a new ‘kinderblog’ call-out in the sidebar of my lifeblog to showcase her writings. Thanks JoAnna. You are amazing!

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  • 1 Mrs. Sero 03 February 2008

    Wow – I am honored! I am so glad that you keep up with our happenings through the website and blog. Isn’t the Internet amazing?! Thanks for the shameless plug! :-)

  • 2 Jerri 08 March 2008

    I know this is weird that I saw this, too. I am just very thankful for my sister and think she’s such a talented Kindergarten teacher, so it was neat to read your post where you gave her a shout-out. Here’s to Mrs. Sero! Signed, her sister, Jerri

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