Lego Battle Fighter ‘Arugula’ Reaches Deep Space

Sun, 23 September 2007, 10:39 pm

Tonight, Mason launched his first Lego creation from scratch that resembles something. He expertly attached the various pieces of spaceparts to the sand base from his Jack Sparrow Pirates of the Carribean set. The result is a flying garden with an aft tower for the captain to pilot the ship and avoid tractor beams. In honor of his feat I have christened his vessel the Arugula – an homage to the vegetable that forms Rocket salad.

Lego Fighter Arugula

We took pictures of his ship and Photoshop helped propel it to the outer reaches. We’re both excited for his next build.

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  • 1 ziprz 29 September 2007

    Mason and Tricia hate the name Arugula. Too bad I got to name the ship first. I’m open to a renaming if anyone is inspired by the ship’s design.

  • 2 Alison 29 September 2007

    Kris, the ship doesn’t look the slightest bit green, although I think Arugula is an awesome name. It does, kind of in the picture, look like it’s sitting on a roll or a baguette or something, but I’m pretty sure that Tricia and Mason won’t like that either. :o) Congrats to Mason!

  • 3 ziprz 01 October 2007

    Alison, You are in luck. Mason and I had a discussion last night. He decided that this should be the ‘Tatooine Star Fighter’ instead of my crummy name. You are a good aunt!

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