Mason’s First Pinewood Derby. Star Wars, ‘Anakin’s Speeder’ Car

Mon, 26 January 2009, 11:40 am

Friday, January 23, 2009 was the first Pinewood Derby for Mason and me. After a few weeks of work, learning about saws, sandpaper, a little physics, tungsten weights, graphite lube, hobby paint, and many more things that no 7 year old EVER wanted to learn, we put Anakin’s Speeder to the test. Here were the results.

Mason with his Star Wars Attack of the Clones, ‘Anakin’s Speeder’ Pinewood Derby Car

This was a fun project to do together, and an exciting race. This is what scouts is all about. Hopefully next year, Mason can do a little more of the car, while Daddy learns a bit more about Pinewood Physics. We have way too many smart parents in our Pack, we’ll not be beaten for lack of preparation. See you next year!

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  • 1 Tricia 26 January 2009

    You guys did a great job on your car! Awesome video Kris!

  • 2 Duane Mallaber 26 January 2009

    Try to stay between the white lines and out of the ditch! If you can do all that you will be doing better than Uncle Neal. YIKES!

  • 3 Dad Rz. 26 January 2009

    Great Video!!!! Neat Stars wars effects!!!! Pretty impressive car design and pretty impressive positioning in the standings! Congratulations to you and Mason. Great teamwork!

    Judging by Duane’s post above , I should call Neal to ask about ditches.

  • 4 Mom Rz. 26 January 2009

    What a car!
    What a race!
    What a team!
    Congrats guys -way to go!!

    Ziprrrz Racing could sure use you guys !!

  • 5 Uncle Neal 27 January 2009

    Exiting video summary condenses weeks of work and hours of racing into a great clip! Don’t worry about ditches… the race won’t happen in 35 mph wind at night with gusts of zero visibility in a blizzard at 10 degrees!

  • 6 Marc Drumm 28 January 2009

    Most impressive. The Force is strong with this one…

  • 7 larzini 29 January 2009

    Awesome car!!!

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