4th of July 2010

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Conesus Lake. All the fireworks you can eat from 9:30pm until about 11pm. Houses seem to compete with one another to see who can burn the most $100 bills. We reap all the rewards. The Ring of Fire... Every house lines its shore with flares at 10pm. There are red flares for as far as the eye can see for about 20 minutes. I'd love to see it from an airplane, because only then could you get a sense for the Ring-ness of it all. The neighbors save their Christmas tree for burning every year at the 4th. It goes up in a massive fireball. Anna and her sparkler. Sittin' on the dock of the bay....wastin' tiiiahaahem. The Miss Conesus Lake competition. Lily Short being her sweet self. Mason's blue all over. Mason and Anna getting cheeky Aunt Wendy found the best spot on the boat. Dad and Grandma taking a lake cruise. Mike knows how to handle a grill and his cutie Evelyn. My 2 grandmothers enjoying a beautiful 4th of July day, and a delicious picnic. Patiently waiting for their hamburgers. Those wacky ZipsPhotos 1 – 15 out of 27 | Back to Albums
Location: Conesus Lake, NY

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