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Wed, 19 October 2005, 11:08 am

Hey you know what, blogging is fun. I haven’t done this since May. I always suffer from a “who the hell reads this”, “I’m bored, but I’d rather read Yahoo news than blog”, “What’s the point?” mentality. And I suppose so many people out there go through the same thing. By and large it IS pointless. Especially for a married man that now works from home, puts in his time, and enjoys poking around with his kids for 90% of his daily entertainment. What do I have to say? My brain is burnt on work. For someone who never so much as wrote in a journal for more than 3 straight days in his life. For someone who latches on to VERY random interests at any given point, my blog is pointless. One day I’m interested in the Buffalo Bills, the next – in bowhunting. But, come to find out, there is some intrinsic value to this babbling.

My friend that I haven’t talked to in a while was able to find out what’s up, just by Googling me.

Dana Deskiewicz is doing really well in his budding Creative Director career and took the time to give me a shout out, cause of one little blog post of only 6 that I have accomplished this year. Well done man!

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