My First Tweetup – #roctweetup 12-29-08

Wed, 31 December 2008, 12:11 am

For the last few months I’ve been using Twitter as an excellent learning tool. It has provided this work-from-homebody some much needed “presence” from other smart marketing professionals. It’s as if they’re in my office feeding me their expertise, even though many of them I don’t even know.

Another goal of mine has been to use Twitter to get more networked within the Rochester, NY market. After all, working remotely for a company in Chicago is great, but it doesn’t help me meet local professionals. So, I started following Rochester, NY marketing and IT professionals, designers, Kodakers and people from local advertising and PR agencies. The easiest way to do so was to find people in Rochester, NY on twellow.

Along came a ‘Tweetup’
On a whim, a couple of Steves (Hersh and Boese) called for tweetup at Tully’s on December 29. As it was retweeted about town, I mulled over the possibility of going to a good bar to meet some complete strangers on my holiday break. I haven’t been able to attend similar gatherings by the Rochester Social Media Club usually because of one conflict or another.

photo from Tom Collins

This was a fun event. Not of the epic proportions that Silicon Valley boasts, but a great way to connect with 10-12 great people over beer and good food. A few things I learned:

  • If you tweet about bacon, you’ll immediately be followed by the Twitter Bacorazzi. Good to know @sbjet. Also, good to know that you are an HR Technology guru at RIT.
  • Highland Park Diner serves peanut butter and bacon sandwiches. I did not know that, @Tom_Collins.
  • @y2vonne has a ton of different local business events and blogs to look after. It’s going to take some time to read your prolific bloggery.
  • I heard about Fat Pride for the first time from @AmpleAliveness. She has a very interesting perspective on life and size diversity issues. It was cool to connect Coach Ann’s interests with my wife’s Personal Training business.
  • @shersh knows much about Oracle systems through his consulting business and shares my disdain for the current state of the Buffalo Bills.
  • @KellyMullaney has a lot of web design going on and is starting up a twitter background design service.
  • @AnaRC can whip twitter into a frenzy in online events associated with

I’m sure I’ll take the time to go to more events like this in the New Year. I’ve got no better resolution than that. Thanks to everyone who attended. I really enjoyed your company. Oh, and have a look at Tom Collins’ recap of the event as well.

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  • 1 Steve Boese 31 December 2008

    Hey Kris – great writeup of the night. It was lots of fun to meet everyone and I hope that we will have another roctweetup soon.

    Steve –

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