Recruiting Animal talks Second Life with Louis Vong

Tue, 24 July 2007, 9:03 am

Sometimes media hits the target market so squarely that you just can’t help but listen. Recruiting Animal interviewed Louis Vong on the ins-and-outs of TMP’s SecondLife Strategy. Animal’s Howard Stern meets Jim Rome style coupled with discussion by former mates at TMP about a new technology that I find fascinating made for the perfect way to blow an hour.

Here are my takeaways

  • Companies are poking around virtual worlds for recruitment with the help of people who already understand it
  • SL is at most the next generation internet and at least a cool virtual meeting place to conduct business similarly to Real Life
  • People are noticing that staffing firms have also decided to set up shop in SL
  • The learning curve on everything virtual is going to take a couple of more years to become mainstream, but the wheels are already in motion. As the ease of use gets greater so too will adoption.
  • TMP Labs is a catchy name for the folks that get to think out of the box without revenue targets. I’m not convinced that it is R&D in the Xerox Parc sense

I admire the team at TMP for pulling us all into conversations about SecondLife. From the same group that built a business explaining to people what this internet thing was in the mid 90’s, now they have a whole new technology to keep people mystified and spending recruitment ad dollars.

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