Staffing Firm Blogs: Where’s the Value?

Thu, 29 November 2007, 4:34 pm

I found John Sumser’s analysis of Talent Pools today to be easily applicable to staffing firm blogs:

  • Talent Pools are not (primarily) ownership vehicles. They are places where value flows from the employer to the potential employee. The potential employee is better off because of their membership in the pool.
  • Value is not another word for job listing. Value is better understood as cash or cash equivalents. White Papers, Training, Networking Opportunities, Technical Information, Advancement Aids, Parties, Vacations, Discounts. For a talent pool to work, real value must flow towards the Potential Employee.

If the care and feeding of Talent Pools is on your list of blog goals, then DO NOT put a job listing in the body of a blog posting. That’s just tacky. Put them in a sidebar like on the Aquent Talent Blog, or perhaps a separate bloggy looking page like this one for the MN Headhunter. Candidates will find you and your jobs when they’re good and ready, as long as you’ve provided value.

Value, is the challenge we face when creating a blog within Big Staffing. Just Look at James Durbin’s comments.

If you want a candidate blog, you need a local blog, and the local line recruiter is swamped with too many job orders. The time and effort to create a local recruiting blog, while I believe it will pay off in terms of placements or hires, is not yet regarded as the best use of time.

If you can get your recruiters to provide the insight, technical information, job market pulse, and local humor relevant to the talent pool in the local market via a blog, by John’s definition, there’s real value to the candidate. Would it be better for your recruiters to do it via the phone? No way! You can only scale your company’s expertise if it is available to a much wider audience.

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  • 1 Jim Durbin 30 November 2007

    And not to toot our horn, but we built the MnHeadhunter’s blog, as well as writing our own.

    Local blogs can work – but it’s a function of the recruiter being interesting and relevant, as you point out.

    I’m okay with job postings, but as something special, not as an every day or even everyweek kind of thing.

    I do them as favors, and if the job is really interesting.

    For regular jobs, I post them using an entirely different blog that creates an RSS feed you can post on your sidebar.

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