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Fantasy Football Romp

Tue, 03 October 2006

I’ve played fantasy football for many years, but never have the pan-fried pierogies (as my team is affectionately called) had the kind of weekend as October 1, 2006. 196.3 points. That’s enough for 2 weeks. Are YOU ready for some football?

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Cabonga Lodge Fish Story

Wed, 28 June 2006

Last week I took a fishing trip with guys from my family including my dad, father-in-law, uncle Terry, uncle Neal and Duane. We drove to the Cabonga Reservoir in Quebec for 3 days of fishing. The catch of the week was this 13 pound Northern Pike. I’ve done a lot of fishing, but this was by far the most exciting catch of my life. We had gotten off of our boats and onto 2 large rocks. As I reeled in my first cast of a Little Cleo (the blue and white beauty in the upper right corner) and only 3 feet from pulling the lure from the water, this giant swirl suddenly peeled out 30 yards of line and bent my pole into the water. After raking on the fish for 10 minutes I got my first glimpse and I knew it was huge. A Northern does not like to see a net or a fisherman so away he went. We fought the fish for another 15 minutes, dancing around the rocks, praying that he wouldn’t saw through the line with his razor sharp teeth. I tired it out and Duane took one mighty swoop with the net. The beast was landed – barely. The net was not really big enough, and an extremely angry northern tore a nice hole right into it. A day after we had lost a stringer full of fish because of equipment failure, we took another 5 minutes just trying to get 2 stringer hooks into his mouth.

Anyways, words hardly do the experience justice, but the reward was taking in the record Northern so far this summer at Cabonga Lodge. As a matter of fact the previous night I had caught a 10.6 pounder which was the previous record. What a joy it was to beat my own record by over 2 lbs! There were many amazing experiences on this trip, not the least of which was spending it with my dad and father-in-law. I hope I can go again sometime.

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Innovation DeBunked

Fri, 03 February 2006

So, cool story of how I networked with LinkedIn to someone who went to my same college (UB) with the same undergrad degree (Communication Design) and followed a similar path as I did to usability away from pure Graphic Design. Well, she has a consulting firm now called Sylver Consulting and I helped bring her in to Hudson to help us research our intranet usage. Well after Brianna Sylver and my team visited Pittsburgh to do our research she revealed the good news that she had an article published in BusinessWeek online. It’s an excellent piece addressing the meaning of innovation in the lexicon of different companies.

She rightfully points out that the term is so overused within corporate culture that you need to do research just to understand what that word means at a company before developing anything truly innovative. Speaking as someone who has “bring innovative marketing solutions to the business” on his personal objectives, there’s a lot to be said for simply understanding the meaning of the word in my company.

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