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I am a communication designer by training, an information architect by learning and a marketing director by osmosis. If you want to know what I mean by this, take a peak at my resume. For the past 9 years I have been knee deep in interactive marketing for the recruitment industry. My mission is to help people connect online to advance their career.

What’s the Point of this Blog?

It’s for self-development, both professionally and personally. On the professional side my web projects keep me up-to-date on the latest design and development techniques. My need for skills in this area ebb and flow in my varying job roles. I’ve migrated to marketing which has exposed me to a whole new world of people who communicate for persuasion. This blog gives me the opportunity to hone writing skills that I can use to continue my cherade as a marketing “expert”.

Finally, this blog is helping me to get some kind of grip on social technology, SEO, SEM, personal branding and other new concepts that have crept into my responsibilities in the last couple of years. Without living and breathing this stuff with my own little web sandbox, I have no way of making informed recommendations and strategy for my “Real” web projects.

The personal side of this blog addresses my desire to build a legacy, if not just a small one that my kids will look back on. Interacting with friends and family in an open and social way is really fun. The fact that I can leave a record of my life experiences someplace where I can reflect on them intrigues me. And so I post on life as millions of other bloggers do. More than anything, it’s about sharing experiences with other people and getting that small adrenaline rush when you realize someone took the time to peer into your life.

What’s in a Name?

As far as I’m concerned, a lot. In 2000, just as the term blog was being coined on a website I followed at the time, I wrote a one web-page manifesto on my name called Child Branding, and put it on my website. The person who hired me at TMP said that it was one reason I got hired there. I’ve referred to its teachings quite a few times when people ask me about the origins of my name, and certainly when I went on to name my own 2 kids.

So I Don’t Get Into Trouble…

The postings on this site are my own and don’t necessarily represent my employer’s (Hudson) positions, strategies or opinions.

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  • 1 Paul Barsch 22 May 2008

    Kris, thanks for taking the time to comment on my MP DailyFix post about aligning IT and marketing. I appreciate it!

  • 2 Jozef Rzepkowski 21 August 2008

    My name is… I am from Poland and your name too. Directly or indirectly it doesn’t matter. I just started to create my own website with excessive Google search. I found your site and I’m surprised how many people of this name live in States. Currently I live and work in Afrika with my family in Casino business in marketing dept. If you like to see log on to http://www.kairointernational.com and be rzepkowski to the max

  • 3 Kris Rzepkowski 21 August 2008

    Jozef, thanks for stopping by! There are indeed a few Rzepkowski’s in the states. Of course it would be a lot easier to be a Smith or Johnson here. The spelling is much simpler. I enjoyed looking at your websites. It was fun being “rzepkowski to the max”!

  • 4 Melissa Moore 22 January 2009

    Chris – We wanted to send you this note in case you want to mention it on your blog. You can expect to see many creative, humorous ads during this year’s Super Bowl as usual. CareerBuilder.com’s will be no exception. The link below link gives you a preview of :30 spot “Tips,” created by Wieden+Kennedy, which will run as a :60 during the game. The link also shows you viral component, which goes live on Monday, where you can send anonymous tips to your coworkers.

    While this is a humorous approach to the job search, we know many people are serious about finding meaningful employment right now. That’s why CareerBuilder.com remains the most visited online job site in the nation. And it’s why CareerBuilder.com continues to spread its message through the highly-visible Super Bowl. Last year, there was a 68% increase in job applications at CareerBuilder.com after the ads ran.

    Additional statistics and details on the creative are also available in the press release from CareerBuilder.com which is below. This press release and a few additional ones will be uploaded to the site later today for convenient downloading.


    Please let us know if you need more information or an interview,

    Melissa Moore


    For Immediate Release, January 22, 2009

    CAREERBUILDER.COM’S NEW SUPER bowl ad offers help for today’s job hunters

    New spot provides helpful, albeit humorous, tips for workers

    CHICAGO – January 22, 2009 – CareerBuilder.com, the U.S.’s largest online job site with over 23 million unique visitors, expects another win when it returns to the Super Bowl for the fifth consecutive year. CareerBuilder.com will debut its new 2009 marketing campaign during the third quarter of the big game with a 60-second spot. Reinforcing the company’s brand and tagline – START BUILDING – the campaign positions CareerBuilder.com as more than a place for good jobs, but as a partner that can help job seekers build their careers.

    The integrated campaign, developed by Wieden+Kennedy, includes new TV spots, print and online advertising and a viral component. All elements will incorporate CareerBuilder.com’s signature use of humor, but will focus more on CareerBuilder.com as a resource for job seekers, providing useful job tips and tools. Super Bowl viewers can expect to see a koala bear, a co-worker in a Speedo and other memorable imagery to depict surefire signals that it’s time to start building a better work situation and go to CareerBuilder.com today.

    Post-game stats year after year prove the Super Bowl is the right investment for CareerBuilder.com. “We see a clear return on investment each year from the Super Bowl, with a multi-month surge in job seeker traffic and job applications, as well as increases in employer job postings and strengthened brand awareness,” said Richard Castellini, Chief Marketing Officer at CareerBuilder.com.

    In the three months following its 2008 Super Bowl advertising, CareerBuilder.com posted:

    · 68 percent increase in job applications on CareerBuilder.com year over year

    · 20 percent increase in CareerBuilder.com-driven channel sales year over year

    · 10 percent increase in CareerBuilder.com traffic year over year

    This year’s campaign is building on the momentum of previous years and delivering a message that is both relevant and timely.

    “We know there are a lot of people out there who are feeling anxious about the job market,” said Castellini. “Our recent job forecast found that, despite a tough economy, 14 percent of employers say they will be hiring full-time employees in 2009 and additionally, 19 percent say they plan to increase their online recruitment spending. We’re connecting workers with those opportunities and offering advice, with a wink and a nod, to help job seekers with some important decisions.”

    CareerBuilder.com is the category leader and most visited online job site in the U.S., averaging double the traffic of its largest competitor. In 2007, CareerBuilder increased its revenue lead in North America, posting $768 million in network revenue.

    About CareeerBuilder.com

    CareerBuilder.com is the nation’s largest online job site with more than 23 million unique visitors and over 1.6 million jobs. Owned by Gannett Co., Inc. (NYSE:GCI), Tribune Company, The McClatchy Company (NYSE:MNI) and Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT), the company offers a vast online and print network to help job seekers connect with employers. Careerbuilder.com powers the career centers for more than 1,600 partners, including 140 newspapers and leading portals such as MSN and AOL. More than 300,000 employers take advantage of CareerBuilder.com’s easy job postings, 28 million-plus resumes, Diversity Channel and more. CareerBuilder.com and its subsidiaries operate in the U.S., Europe, Canada and Asia. For more information, visit http://www.careerbuilder.com.

    CareerBuilder Media Contact: For all media inquiries and interview requests, contact:, Jennifer Grasz, 773-527-1164, jennifer.grasz@careerbuilder.com

  • 5 Andrew Stoynov 28 January 2010

    Dear Kris, I am planing to move in USA(Apache Junction) in next year( may be). I have some IT hardware experiense. Can I work in you company?

  • 6 Peter 14 May 2010

    Please change your header portrait – it seems that there is a large hand grabbing and squeezing your jaw and the pic has way too much space on right. Unless this is an artistic statement of somekind?

  • 7 Kris Rzepkowski 14 May 2010

    @Peter, that is an outstanding comment. Yep, that large hand would be mine, and it is in fact squeezing my jaw as if to represent me contemplating something. And yes, there’s a lot of space on the right so that I don’t have some boring straight centered mugshot. The fact that it either annoyed you or entertained you enough to comment on it means it does the job just fine…

  • 8 Sean Convertino 05 August 2011

    Hi Kris, I gained much insight before proceeding on my own basement remodeling project from your detailed posting on your own project. By chance, I also live in Rochester, NY and am curious if you might consider a more direct method of communication? My name is Sean & I am a Manufacturing Engineer by trade, a family man w/ two beautiful girls, and have designed & built custom animatronic high voltage Halloween props for a hobby / side business. If you would like to know a little more about me first which is completelly understandable, I suggest you email me or better yet, look me up on facebook. I hope to hear from you. Sean

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