A BIG Move – Georgia on My Mind

Wed, 29 August 2012

I have come to another crossroads in life. After what has been a beautiful summer in Western New York spending time with family and friends, my wife and I had to make one of the most difficult decisions we have ever had to make; the decision to move. On September 4, 2012 I begin a new job with a different company, in a place far, far away from home. McDonough Georgia, about 40 minutes south of Atlanta is the headquarters of Bennett International Group, a privately held trucking and international logistics provider. There, I will work as the Managing Director of Marketing, helping to continue the story of one of the most successful businesses in the Atlanta area. (more…)

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Scoop It, Dump It, Pick Out the Goodies

Fri, 18 February 2011

Our February Pack meeting was our first “Skit Night” during my tenure as Cubmaster of Pack 107. So many of our scouts LOVE to perform skits at campfires, and Scout camps. I also know that the scouts love to see the scout leaders get goofy and do a skit of their own. So, I rallied my leaders together to learn and perform the ‘If I Were not a Scout Leader’ song. Some of my leaders are shy and others outspoken, but when it all came together, we all had a blast embarrasing ourselves. Parents reported mass outbreaks of kids singing “Give Bessie Give, Daddy’s Gotta live!” after the meeting.

Have a look…

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I Miss You, My Readers.

Wed, 28 May 2008

Tricia Choices Blog image

For the few of you who might be wondering why the frequency of my posts is way down, I can blame a wide variety of things. My best explanation right now is that I’ve taken on a side project for my wife to get her personal training endeavors off the ground. Every night I pound out a little copywriting, web design, blog consulting, PHP programming, HTML wizardry, photography, Photoshopping, to get this honey-do item off the list. You are welcome to follow along as I build it and contribute any 2 cents you may have. Nope. I’m not doing this in private. This thing is getting built before your eyes with Google fully indexing every piece of greek text still in there, every bad copy idea, every unfinished page. Enjoy Training With Tricia – a work in progress.

This is on top of some extremely stressful family goings-on as I pray for my parents, aunts and uncles while they search for the right answer in putting my grandfather and grandmother into permanent care.

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Go Daddy Go

Tue, 17 August 2004

After putting the Honda to sleep, I’m sure everyone is wondering how Tricia and I are getting about town. Well let me show you…

A Midnight Blue 2002 Chrysler Sebring Convertible. And, as you can see, the first thing I put into it was my 2 babies – car seats and all. I can hardly contain the excitement of driving a convertible. When people around Chicago see this freak in 20 degree weather driving with the top down, you’ll know it’s me. Yes, this is our second car, and yes it will spend most of its life sitting at the train station. I just couldn’t get myself to buy some ghetto Neon, or Civic coupe, when what I really wanted was something fun that I could haul the kids around in. This past weekend I needed an excuse to drive it around, so we went up to Jellystone (the campground with Yogi) . We packed all the gear in the trunk and drove 2 hours to Milwaukee. No Problemo.

Of course the only problem is that the first time we showed it to our friends with a 12 year old daughter she says “Wow you bought a Daddy Car!” That wasn’t exactly the reaction I was going for, but apparently the shoe fits. See you on the open road.

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Sun, 08 August 2004

It’s finally over…We put our 1989 Honda Accord to rest yesterday. After 15 glorious years of service, she has gone to the wholesaler in the sky. It wouldn’t be fitting to put her down without a tribute. She has, afterall been through the formidable years of 2 people that appreciate her dearly. And so the story begins…

The Honda was Tricia’s first car – taken to University of Buffalo in Fall 1994. At that time it had 40,000 miles and not a blemish. You see, the car had been bought new and babied by Tricia’s mom. Through one means of begging or another, Tricia pryed the car away from its reluctant birthmom and promised to wash it every day. With a hefty parental loan and a gleam in her eye Tricia proudly began her Junior year of college with a car that was the envy of all her friends. In comparison to my 1982 Volkswagen Rabbit, this car was showroom fresh.

Through the streets of Buffalo and Rochester it rode – to late night grocery runs and all night keg parties, from Niagara Falls to Buffalo Bills games. From a remedial job at K-Mart to servant’s pay at the local Tavern. It unpacked the bedroom and packed the dormroom. The Honda was a steady friend amongst the turmoil of Tricia’s transition into womanhood. No hotwiring, no jumpstarting, no swearing.

Little did she know that those early years of carefree fun would set the stage for its eventual demise. After 2 years of driving the salty winter roads, and frigid nights spent without a roof over its head, the Honda contracted car cancer. It started as only a small rustanoma over its right rear wheel. A little sandpaper and some touch up paint and we had it licked – so we thought. Over the years we would watch as other small areas of the paint bubbled. Yet, we didn’t hear a whimper as it slowly began to eat away at the very essence of the steel.

After college, I took to mocking Tricia’s gold and brown beast. I ridiculed it as ugly and practical. My brand new 1997 Ford Ranger was far higher on the cool-o-meter. When we got married, what was mine became hers, and what was hers became hers. So I swallowed every bit of my pride as we finished out her car loan and kept the Honda as one of our 2 family cars. While living in Rochester, we watched in awe as the odometer turned over 100,000 miles. Still strong, still dependable, but the rust began to ravage her body.

When we moved to Chicago in 2000 we crammed a house full of crap into a 2 bedroom apartment, and along with us came the Honda and my truck. As our marriage grew and we had our first child, the day of reckoning came. It was 2001 and we had just finished paying on my truck. For the first time we now had no car payments. What we did have was a 2-seat pickup truck that was useless, and a rusty old Honda with 115,000 miles to cart around our bouncing baby. Instead of doing the orthodox and trading in the rusty Honda for something new, we did the unthinkable. We traded the pickup for a 2001 Dodge Durango kid-mobile and kept the Honda as the wingman. Sure, it was getting up there in years, but we heard legends of Hondas lasting to 200,000 or more. All we had to do was last through the payment cycle on the Durango, and our bold move would pay off.

And so, it did. The Honda went on to sweet retirement duty as I used it primarily to drive 2 miles to the train station every day and left it for dead in the sun and cold. It was the first time that the Honda became MY primary car. Lo and behold I actually fell in love with it. For a car that was that old, it still was as solid as the day I first rode in it. No rattles, no clunks. Was it hard to start on a cold day? Yes. Did the wheel nearly fall off one day when I pulled into a parking spot? Yes. But, overall it was the perfect get-around car. Especially now that we have 2 kids.

On July 31, 2004 we made it to the last payment on the Durango. It was a happy day in our family. We smiled at our good fortune. We laughed as we cranked up the Honda’s 6 disc changer in delight. She had made it. 10 years after saying our first hellos it basked in having accomplished all that her Japanese makers had built her to do.

It was only 5 days later, almost as if it were a terminal patient waiting for the last family member to say its goodbyes, that the Honda gave up her fight. I drove her at 60 miles an hour on the highway and she started to “shimmy”. Not convulse, cough, or sputter, just shimmy annoyingly as I hit cruising speed. It concerned me enough for a visit to the auto doctor, and the prognosis wasn’t pretty. $1200 in repairs were needed for her gimpy front ball-joints. Her belts were severely cracked, her tires needed to be replaced, even the horn wasn’t working anymore.

I was in denial. I called up Tricia and told her the bad news. I said “Can I have the checkbook?” and explained the charges. I began spewing my usual list of repairs and discounts that I had negotiated. Tricia listened intently, then cleared her throat and said in an deep low voice, “Kris, I think it’s time.” In disbelief I went on justifying how this car was going to last 20 maybe even 25 years – that we could easily make it to 150,000. But, she had already made up her mind. “Start looking for a new car.” And that was it. Tricia had already come to peace with a major chapter of her life. The time had come to let the Honda go.

In the grueling search for a new vehicle, always in the back of my mind I was thinking that we would donate the car to a charity and let some other lucky person get some service out of her twilight years. In the end, it didn’t even come to that. We used her as a $500 discount on our new car. It was easier than trying to sell her outright or even do her the honor of donation. But, for us it was just better this way. We put her down, took our last pictures,then drove away in the new car. It seems a fitting tribute to show the Honda what her years of hard work allowed us to buy as her legacy. Our first convertible. Thank you 1989 Honda Accord LX. We’ll miss you. Goodbye.

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Mon, 21 June 2004

Father’s Day was excellent this year. Mason and Anna, with a little help from Tricia gave me a bicycle trailer. So Saturday we had a great ride along Lake Michigan from Navy Pier, up to North Avenue Beach for some sand throwing and chewing ( a favorite 2 year old activity), then to the Lincoln Park Zoo for some animal watching, then back to Navy Pier for some fireworks. It was an incredible display. They must spend some serious money to put that on twice a week.

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Countdown to Baby

Thu, 14 August 2003

Wow, I can’t bvelieve it’s been almost a month since my last post. It’s pretty much a result of 3 things. 1.) Being Mr. Mom as I actually pitch in around the house and allow Tricia her much needed bedrest. Baby Zip II is only a couple of weeks away now. We’re excited and anxious for all the changes that are sure to come our way. 2.) Work was hell for a few weeks. Covering for a co-worker on maternity leave, doing my job (and improving upon it), and a ton of clients needing stuff all at once. 3.) My life just isn’t that interesting right now. Besides completely re-installing my Mac for the second time in as many months, and painting our bedroom, I am really not that interesting.

So there. See you in another month. Not likely. We’ll have a baby by then, and other assorted fun to report.

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Suck Week 2003

Tue, 01 July 2003

It all started when we went to mid-Ohio last weekend and I picked up a souvenir headcold from my Dad that just won’t seem to go away. On the way back to Illinois I was slapped with a $108 speeding ticket – 74 in a 55. Then when we got home, I turned on the computers that we had specifically turned off so they would be “safe”, and found that neither my Mac or my PC could find their operating system. Strange. I wiggled a few wires and waved the magic wand on both, and they started to work. Unfortunaely neither of the 80 Gig data drives were working. After I gave up on trying to recover Gigabytes upon Gigabytes of downloaded music, and 3 years worth of digital photos, I decided to try and format the drives. Neither will even format!

Then on Thursday I topped off all of this good fortune by sideswiping a 1996 Chevy Lumina in the parking lot at the train station with my Dodge Durango. $1300 worth of damage just to my vehicle. Now that I’ve gotten all of this out in the open, I think I can move on, and start to have a much better week. Yippee!

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Father’s Day at the Sox

Mon, 16 June 2003

So we went to the White Sox game yesterday for Father’s Day. It was a 1-0 loss to the Padres, but who cares about the Sox anyways.

There was a petting zoo outside. So Mason got to pet his first goat.

And what baseball game doesn’t have pony rides outside too? So Mason got to ride his first pony.

Oh yeah, and we watched a little baseball.

Yes, Mommy was there too. Thanks guys it was fun. Being a Dad is pretty cool!

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Good Cookin’

Wed, 14 May 2003

What a treat last night. We left Mason at home (with some helpful neighbors), and I took Tricia out to her post-Mother’s Day present. We went to Culinary Classes at the Rosebud. Rosebud is by far our favorite Italian Restaurant(s) in Chicago. They open up their corporate kitchen and have their top chefs teach people how to cook their signature dishes. We watched them cook, then we ate the results. Oh my Gosh. I’ve never eaten so much in my life. We learned to make coconut shrimp, Louisiana chicken gumbo, crab cakes, steak au poivre with french fires and sesame Chinese green beans, and apple crisp. For $75 a person I’d recommend coming to Chicago for a cooking class and skipping the restaurant altogether. It’s just as much fun, you learn something, and you go home with t-shirts and other crap. Yummmmm…..

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