Super Anna and Super Mason

Fri, 10 October 2008

It’s fun stuff Friday. In today’s episode I make Mason and Anna another silly Internet creation. They really do love this stuff. Click on the posters below to see their debuts as old school Super Heros.

They seem to be channeling one of my all time favorite TV shows – Greatest American Hero.

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I’m Starting My Candidacy Today

Mon, 07 July 2008

Thanks you Internet for your support! I’m going to be deciding on my running-mate in the very near future. It’s a toss up between Luke Duke and Chewbacca. Let me know who you think I should choose.

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Tue, 25 January 2005

In response to the $37k paid by snorestop in an ebay auction to advertise on some dude’s forehead, check out these idiots that have jumped on the bandwagon.

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Waste Basket Time Waste

Fri, 20 August 2004

When not procrastinating on my latest web architecture I can chuck paperwads into a fakebasket online. I just can’t seem to catch the paper airplane.

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This Land Is Your Land

Mon, 02 August 2004

This is an awesome piece of political satire.

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Rocket Man

Fri, 12 December 2003

I had no idea how William Shatner became the spokesperson for Priceline until I saw this 1978 Rendition of Rocketman in spoken word. WOW!

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Tue, 24 June 2003

Hey cool, I always wondered what this stupid method of capitalizing words that I’m using for my titles is called. NerdCaps or BiCapitalized. NerdCaps is almost as cool as using a dot in your logo. “tmp.worldwide

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Mini World

Wed, 07 May 2003

Thank God my brother-in-law keeps me up to date on geek world. I think I’ve found my future hobby. Packing computers into humidors, toasters and lunchboxes. This looks like so much fun. I’d love to have something far cooler on my desk than even the latest Mac enclosure. How about a vintage radio, or a model General Lee that is my computer. Anyone have any cool ideas? Walt?

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I Have a Complex

Fri, 13 September 2002

IHaveAComplex–As I wrote in my one and only Manifesto my parents didn’t help me in the naming department. So when a coworker sent me this image – thinking I would get a kick out of seeing “Zippy” on the cover of a book, I was shocked. Dumbfounded. My mind was spinning. Can it be that my nickname ALSO suffers the same gender bending fate? Ugh. I suppose I now have to buy the damn book…

The other day I overheard someone say that Home Depot is a “Man Mall”. That women go there all the time to find hot men. Ya know like shopping at a mall where all that’s on sale is men…tee hee. And men go there and shop til they drop like they’re a chick at the mall…tee hee. And I admit that I have been spending an amazing amount of hours at Home Depot while I’ve been finishing my basement. I have to ask though, what motivated a guy to sit in a Home Depot for a 2 day dare in which the penalty was a faceload of peanut butter and fluffernutter? Find out more by reading his journal about it.

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I Can’t Think of Anything Worse

Wed, 19 June 2002

Last year we bought our 2001 Dodge Durango from the local Dodge dealer. We were greeted by a weird little guy who barely spoke English, who was kind of your typical car salesman. We ended up doing the deal with the owner and just using this salesman as the not-so-helpful let me screw-you-on-this-deal guy. Turns out this salesman killed a buyer at the dealership the other day by mistakenly backing his new truck into him. The poor father who was killed was probably saving his 2 year old son. This really freaked me out. What a terrible course of events for everyone involved. I’m going to resume trying not to think about it now…

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