“24” in 1994. Check out the Old School Internet.

Mon, 11 August 2008

This is a great spoof video showing the show 24 as if it were 1994. It reminds me of how far we’ve come in a very short period of time. I love when the boss picks up the phone and cuts off AOL – priceless. There isn’t any point in trying to explain vinyl records and cassette tapes to my kids anymore. Even the interweb look vastly different than it did before they were born. They’ve never even heard modem tones.

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Tue, 29 October 2002

I never even saw the show last year. I must have been properly brainwashed by the media into watching it. It was actually pretty good. Although what passes as ‘smart cinematography’ is oftentimes us looking at a scene from through the slats in a chair. Nice overt use of the handheld camera though. Much easier to swallow than Blair Witch project. Stupid as it seems, I also watched the 3 minute commercial afterward by the sponsor, Ford. I actually think that’s not a bad idea. I watched the commercial because I appreciated the company that gave me the entire show uncut. Would somebody PLEASE give me a Bills game unedited by commercials. I’ll watch a 2 hour commercial for the flowbee afterwards if I have to.

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