Holy Toys

Mon, 30 December 2002, 9:08 am

What a Christmas. We went to ye olde Rochester, NY for classic family yuletide cheer. And of course we brought the boy (Mason) along. Let me just say that his family loves him! Toys, Toys, Toys! and he’s only one year old. It was momentous that we could turn his car seat around toward the front.

Other random thoughts… I bought $25 brand new boots to leave at home, Tricia bought $16 retro-1975 shoes to bring back to Chicago. My cousin Jason cut his long hair, my sister Lindsey grew out her semi-short hair. Full-size beds are much smaller than King-size beds, playpens from the mid 80’s are much larger than playpens from the 00’s. Babies like boxes and wrapping paper more than toys, Daddies like toys more than boxes and wrapping paper.

I got Grand Theft Auto Vice City for Christmas. It has to be the best game in the world. I know what I’m doing on New Years.

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