Merry Kris Mass

Tue, 30 December 2003, 8:35 am

This year we had a relaxing Christmas at home in Chicago. Christmas Eve we spent with friends drinking, and whooping it up. At one point we were playing ‘Fact or Crap’ followed by Trivial Pursuit DVD Edition. Christmas morning we spent at home just the four of us. It was so exciting to see Mason come down the stairs in his own house to see that Santa left him a tricycle and helmet. He loved it. This is also the year of the Little People. Our entire playroom is overrun with the cute little plastic figures and associated playsets. After Christmas we managed to get the house back in order in anticipation of Anna’s baptism that’s only a week away. Now we’re looking forward to some New Year’s frivolity. Bring on 2004!

Two little elves.

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