Cabonga Fishing Trip June 2008

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Uncle Terry, Kris and Kyle at Alexandria Bay Thousand Islands Kris and Kyle at Alexandria Bay The Best Bait and Tackle shop in Alex Bay VERY strange toilet shape at Maxi's Grocery Store in Maniwaki. We think it is specifically shaped to hold your head above the toilet when tossing your cookies. A mysty morning sunrise Looking back at Cabonga Lodge from the water A spectacular, calm, morning sunrise Sitting on the dock of the bay. A good mess of Walleye. Looks delicious. A one man fishing machine - Uncle Neal. Phil holding up the morning catch. Kris holding up the moirning catch The fish look bigger when you hold them close to the camera Duane! A big mess of walleye inside the fish house. Uncle Terry, Kyle and Kris after a successful early morning fish. Walleye are tasty for breakfast.Photos 1 – 15 out of 27 | Back to Albums
Description: Photos from the family fishing trip to Cabonga Canada in June 2008
Location: Quebec, CA

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