London Biz Trip April 2008

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In the London Theater district, which is really everywhere. I must have seen 30 different theaters in what I would consider random places. Out to dinner at Brown's restaurant. I had the Meat pie. Interactive marketing is all smiles. The "Bung Hole". A wine place. Are you kidding me? I'm continually amazed at cultural differences. Walking to the speedboat on a 70 degree and sunny London day. That's right, SUNNY! Getting some fresh air after being cooped up in meetings all day The London Eye taken from one of the bridges over the Thames The Thames Urban skateboarding near the London Eye The London Eye from underneath Yep. I was there. Big Ben is NOT just Photoshopped in there. The raft that they tried to convince us was a "speedboat". Yes, those are twin 225hp Outboard rockets on the back. Getting into the wild ride. Minutes before the perilous voyage up the Thames. Notice the looks of concern on everyone's faces. Big BenPhotos 1 – 15 out of 25 | Back to Albums
Description: Kris’s photos from the Global Marketing Summit in London May 6-9, 2008
Location: London

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