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Hey, Apple. I don't care what iPhone you come out with today, I'm buying it. But, if you EVER cause me to use an extra battery pacemaker for my phone waiting a year for you again, it's over. Getting educated on runoff by an expert from the Rochester Museum and Science Center. Cool spray bottle demo. Coastal Cleanup Webster Park The new Weber Q 220 camping grill. To the right...MacGyver'ed a 17" laptop case into a bacon griddle containment unit.kris First fiction I have read cover to cover in MANY years. Picked at random from a bookshelf in Cape Cod. Ahh... vacation Nice view of the harbor and my lady friend. Playing Mille Bornes in the dark. Anyone remember that game? Perfect! Our first flight. Mile #10000 on the Nissan Titan returning from Assateague. I heart Webster Park site #14! Mason used a stay up late coupon to engage in an epic Star Wars Monopoly game with Tricia and me. We have paused at 12:30am, 2 1/2 hours into the game. My money is on Mason FTW in the morning. Hooray for sunshine and a heated pool! My new camping buddy. The guy is cooking with liquid nitrogen.Photos 1 – 15 out of 65 | Back to Albums

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