The Zips Fall 2009

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Mason and I take the plunge at Seabreeze Tricia cutting the tomatoes for our Ketchup project Grinding the tomatoes My first solo batch of Grandpa Lefty's ketchup. It came out just like I remember it. Tricia using pedal power to take the lead at Stokoe farms Anna buried in corn What'd you say there Chester? I've got something in my ear. Tricia gets in touch with her inner hamster I am Hans and I am Franz and we're here to pump *slap* you up! Remember the Alamo. We sure will! Put this guy on a postage stamp. I'll have the small margherita. I said I want a Spiderman. Now go make me a Spidey funny man! Watch out pardner. I might just go ahead and put this hat right back on the shelf after taking my picture in it, just like all the other cusomters that didn't buy it. Anna and her cowgirl hat.Photos 1 – 15 out of 33 | Back to Albums

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