How’s YOUR Staffing Firm Intranet?

Tue, 09 June 2009, 9:57 pm

Well, friends I’m nearing the end of the longest web project of my career. When we embarked on creating a new intranet for Hudson North America over two and a half years ago, I would have never predicted that it would take this long. Sure, we wanted to do it right. We engaged an ethnographic researcher to help us uncover the real needs behind the needs of our users. We took those requirements and handed them to a “real” interactive agency to get wireframes for workflows that would address the issues head on. From there, we chose a platform – Sharepoint 2007, no slouch of a platfom to configure, test, customize, and test again. We designed and branded the look and feel twice as the launch pushed through multiple leadership teams and re-branding efforts. It culminates this week with a “Beta” launch of the system via a link from our old intranet, an email from our President and a splashy Camtasia demo I’ve locked myself in my office creating for 4 days.

I’m excited about the prospects of what a “real” intranet can mean for our firm. It can be such a challenge for leaders to wrangle together a cohesive vision from far-flung offices and disparate work processes. Email just isn’t up to the task, and forget about the dreaded weekly conference calls. To create a truly productive and cohesive professional services firm for the long term, I believe your intranet must be robust, comprehensive, and adaptable to the constant change in the business. How else can you retain knowledge in a business with 40% employee turnover? Yet, when you search online for any evidence of staffing firm intranets, there is little to no information. I found a synopsis of Australian Job Board Seek’s Intranet redesign, but I have yet to come across a true staffing service provider’s (If you happen to see any coverage, please do forward me the link).

Is the lack of information an indicator of the staffing industry’s sentiment toward their intranets? Or, is it that everyone believes they have some super-secret formula for success that they are just unwilling to share? I would wager that staffing firms are currently focused on survival rather than productivity, but there are those who will use their intranet to position themselves for long-term success.

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  • 1 Everett Reiss 11 June 2009

    Great blog post, appreciate the insight into getting a Staffing Firm Intranet going – how big is your firm because it sounds like you put a lot of resources behind this project?

    Business Relationship Development

  • 2 Kris Rzepkowski 11 June 2009

    Hi Everett,
    We are about 3,000 global employees with 350 of them in North America. So, we are a good sized company. We actually put a fairly small amount of resources to the project considering the scope of it. Rather than have a large team over a short period of time, we had a small team sprinkled in over a long period of time. I’m glad it’s launching, and I’m eager to see the effect it has on the business.

  • 3 Alina 12 August 2009

    Hi Kris,

    I saw the video (“Rollout your internal SharePoint site: Announce it in a screencast… on YouTube!”) that you did for the Hudson Intranet launch and really liked that idea. I work for a big charitable organization in Canada, and we are gearing up to launch our Intranet site and I’d like to do something similar. I am curious what software you used to pull the screen captures and incorporate the actual Intranet pages in your video. Can you let me know at your earliest convenience. Would appreciate your help.


  • 4 Kris Rzepkowski 12 August 2009

    Hi Alina,
    I used Camtasia Studio Version 6. It was a very friendly and powerful application for producing the Screencast. TechSmith also provides excellent support. I highly recommend it. Let me know when yours is done, I’d love o see it. Good Luck!

  • 5 Sylver Consulting » Hudson’s Intranet Redesign is a Success and Sylver Helped to Make It That Way 11 November 2009

    […] You can also read more about the site’s Beta launch and development on Kris’ blog here. […]

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