Innovation DeBunked

Fri, 03 February 2006, 11:23 am

So, cool story of how I networked with LinkedIn to someone who went to my same college (UB) with the same undergrad degree (Communication Design) and followed a similar path as I did to usability away from pure Graphic Design. Well, she has a consulting firm now called Sylver Consulting and I helped bring her in to Hudson to help us research our intranet usage. Well after Brianna Sylver and my team visited Pittsburgh to do our research she revealed the good news that she had an article published in BusinessWeek online. It’s an excellent piece addressing the meaning of innovation in the lexicon of different companies.

She rightfully points out that the term is so overused within corporate culture that you need to do research just to understand what that word means at a company before developing anything truly innovative. Speaking as someone who has “bring innovative marketing solutions to the business” on his personal objectives, there’s a lot to be said for simply understanding the meaning of the word in my company.

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