Who2Trust.com Web Design

Completed: June 2000

I joined the dot com craze as a UI Designer at Who2Trust.com, a site that helped people find a service business through their personal and professional network. We did this by allowing consumers to recommend businesses to their connections online. Consumers could read the recommendations alongside profile information provided by businesses to make an informed choice on who to use.

My role was to improve the site’s user interface as the company’s strategy shifted from a b2b professional network to a b2c marketing site. I worked with our marketing team and an outside agency on a complete redesign. For the site’s look we chose to use images of people and a conversational writing approach to appear both friendly and trustworthy. With an information architect I helped to define the overall navigation system and was exposed for the first time to database driven design concepts.

Who2Trust Homepage ThumbnailWho2Trust Search Results ThumbnailWho2Trust Recommendations ThumbnailWho2Trust Profile Thumbnail

While Who2Trust failed as a business venture, the site received excellent feedback from consumers regarding its ease of use. The market was not quite ready for the product concept, but Who2Trust was a success because of the amount of functionality we were able to build with little venture captial. It was a truly great experience that brought me into contact with every aspect of starting up a business – from Marketing, to Strategy, to Business Development, and prepared me for bigger and better things in the Internet space.

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DigiPath Production Software

Completed: June 1998

The DocuTech line of production printers created the digital production publishing industry in the early 1990’s and became a billion dollar business for Xerox Corporation. The original DocuTech’s black-and-white touch screen, mouse and keyboard user-interface were attached to the printer. I became part of a design team that created replacement DocuTech pre-press software on a standard platform detached from the printer.

DigiPath Print Job Programming Interface ThumbnailDigiPath Print Job Editing Interface ThumbnailDigiPath Job Manager Interface ThumbnailDocuTech Express Beta Customer Website Thumbnail

We created a user interface that leveraged many DocuTech workflows, while taking advantage of faster Windows NT PCs running 16 bit color screens. The reduced number of interface layers and streamlined workflow increased operator productivity on job setup tasks by 40% as proven in usability studies. In my visual interface design role I worked directly in the development tool, Visual Basic, to create screens and storyboards for usability testing. I was responsible for the design of over 150 icons and layouts for over 60 UI dialogs. The design team was “embedded” with the software engineering group to build and test design tweaks within the development environment. This approach produced a product in a little over a year.

After completing the software design, I also designed and coded a beta customer website that was used to solicit feedback about the upcoming release of the product.

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